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Country EP’ – Spirit Tone Recordings ft. Bioni Samp

Preview & download all tracks:

Spirit Tone Recordings : Synthesis, recording & production Bioni Samp : Homemade electronics, modular synthesis

Tracklist: Take One Take Two Take Three Take Four

Bioni Samp – Pyramids Along The Caulder – Aconito Records 2015

Played and supported by Marcel Dettmann, Dj Deep, Electric Indigo, Cleric, Exium, I/Y, Alex.Do, Blind Observatory, Takaaki Itoh, J.C., Antonio De Angelis, Angel Molina, Albert Van Abbe, Ness, Deepbass and more.



Bioni Samp – The Island – Aconito Records 2012

Played and Supported by Giorgio Gigli, Lucy, Marcel Fengler, AnD, Adam X, Drumcell, Submerge, Jonas Kopp, Truncate, Dimi Angelis, Jeroen Search, Forward Strategy Group, Abdulla Rashim, Mattias Fridell, Developer, Angel Molina, Tom Bonaty, Valentino Kanzyani, Deepbass, Thomas Hessler, Anderson Noise, Audio Injection, Richie Hawtin and more.



Also released now is a cassette release of my live experimental electronics Bioni Samp – Bee Frequency Electronics. Recorded directly to cassette via my Allen & Heath mixing, desk (no overdubs) for the French label RoHS Prod.

Bioni Samp - Bee Frequency Electronics (Limited Edition Audio Cassette Release)

Bioni Samp – Bee Frequency Electronics
(Limited Edition Audio Cassette Release)

Bioni Samp – Bee Frequency Electronics
(Limited Edition Audio Cassette Release)

side a. biodiversity engine 16:44
side b. disabled access 16:44

K7HS013 – BIONI SAMP – Bee Frequency Electronics

Catalog#: K7HS013
Title: Bee Frequency Electronics
Genre: Bee Synth
Format:C40 cassette ltd. 36
Released: 2013-07-19

recorded on earth 21 / 6 / 2013 solstice sunrise
onto analogue cassette tape @beespace recordings (c)
(p) bioni samp publishing 2013
licensed to rohs prod. france 2013 for cassette reproduction
& international cassette distribution. Buy here.



Out Now:
Cloud and Owl – RAW (Bioni Samp Remix) 2013

The following instruments played by Bioni Samp were used for the remix recording: Baby Bee Synth, Hive Synthesiser (6 osc. prototype), Beequencer, Marsh Drum machine, MFB Drum Machine, Behringer FX Pedals + Allen & Heath mixer.

Mastered by Andrea ‘Nax Acid’ Ruffino

Recent Review of the Cloud and Owl – RAW ep
Released : Oct 2013
Here are a few notes about our debut EP, out now on MMR Recordings and available through most major online retailers. The 4-track EP contains 2 original productions, plus two of London’s most talented electronic musicians, Bioni Samp and Ben Glass, on remix duties.

Bioni Samp’s been making waves on Aconito Records with his unique brand of minimal techno. His hive synthesis techniques create a distinctive sound world and his remix of R.A.W is something else: deep, cerebral and trippy. Clocking in at over 9 minutes, the track features a rare vocal appearance from Owlin not heard on the original.

Full review here :…ease-raw.html

Buy Cloud and Owl – Raw ep here:)…ds=cloud+%26+owl



Bioni Samp & raxil4 – Coffee+Cake+Radio 

(free track or pay what you can)



bioni and raxil4 recording session

Bioni Samp & raxil4 – Afternoon Album

(free tracks or pay what you can)




  1. Bioni Samp – Ghost Bus 06:46

      2. nAX_Acid + Bioni Samp – Ghost Track 07:31

      3. Ghost Bus (nAX_Acid Edit) 06:54


AC003 – Ghost Bus  (12 inch Vinyl and Digital)

by Bioni Samp | nAX_Acid

released April 20, 2010

tags: aconito records bioni samp electronic techno ambient atmosperic atmospheric deep techno experimental electronic minimal techno London



Bioni Samp – I Love Honey EP

Available at Bioni Samp Bandcamp Page


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