‘I also host my own Intermittent radioshow’.

‘After several years of producing my late night radioshow on community and pirate stations. I started creating a new Beespace Transmissions radioshow for live streaming and podcast download, all mixed live on various playback systems including vinyl, of which I have a large collection from work with various sound systems and DJing many years in London, Glasgow and Hull. What I love now is that I can add live hardware synths and effects including ones I have created in Max/MSP. With Beespace Transmissions I had always wanted to include video visuals somehow in my FM radioshow and it seemed a natural transition to stream direct into a purpose built 3D virtual club environment called the Drome. The audio / video streams remains independent and can be listened to via media player and even relayed to other networks such as when I performed to FOEM 5 Year Anniversary, Holland, The 8th Headphone Festival in Sweden, Headphone Festival Bucharest, Romania and 7th Mercosul Biennial Porto Alegre and Fiteiro Cultural, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil’. For updates on Bioni Samp radioshow follow
Send Music to Bioni Samp
Thank you for uploading your promos for me to DJ with 🙂 I enjoy anything electronic and can usually incorporate tracks i like into my radioshow or iive dj sets, some may have to be re-edited, remixed or distorted to fit with my style 😉 Send sound files to Bioni Samp – Promos and full info ~
I have been putting some old and new MIXTAPES on my Mixcloud page

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