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Great mention of my release ‘The Island’ on this new Label review:

Aconito Records Labels 003: Aconito Records

Extract from review…’The first release that peaked my interest was The Island from Bioni Samp who delivers an engrossing mix of sparse repetitive techno and atmospheric electronica.

Weighing in with six tracks it actually resembles a small album rather than a standard techno EP and I believe this is the reason Aconito releases really stand out. Even the four trackers have an ‘albumy’ ring to them, with the producers delivering much more than the standard two tracks and two remixes.

While there is plenty of good quality techno here ready for the dancefloor and having a mix the EP’s work just as well for stand alone listening from start to finish, each producer taking you on their own unique mini-musical journey. Personally I think this is praise of the highest order because there are very few EPs out there which i listen to in full on a regular basis.’…. read rest of Aconito Records Label review here.




Bioni Samp – The Island Label: Aconito Records

Thanks to Peter Kirn for featuring me in the Create Digital Music online magazine, a great review of my production techniques and processes on my new release, cheers 🙂

Of Bees and Oscillators: Bioni Samp’s EP Full of Eco-Influences, Homebrewed Gear [Listen, Gallery] by Peter Kirn



Bioni Samp – The Island Label: Aconito Records

Review from

Bioni Samp makes his solo debut proper with a finely structured, dark and elemental Ambient Techno EP. Hailing from Leeds, he’s already appeared on the London-based Aconito label alongside Nax_Acid with the ‘Ghost Bus’ EP, but this is his definitive solo statement. Stark ambient pieces bookend four minimal Techno rollers. ‘Feather Ings’ uses field recordings and plunging subaquatic basses reminiscent of Thomas Köner, and the title track sketches bleak atmospheres around a skeletal hi-hat pattern reminding of DJ Skirt at her most isolated. The Techno tracks are equally carefully constructed, from the rippling, offset roll of ‘Todays Skyline’ to the SAW-like pulses of ‘Oil On Canvas’ and the ghostly warehouse space of ‘Slinky Makes Reverb’. Check! Buy On Boomkat


Format: 12″
Released: Apr 2010
Catalogue Number: AC003

Darker tech-house electronica from Bioni Samp backed with a Hawtin-esque edit. ‘Ghost Bus’ evokes the mood of late night inner city travel with metamorphic atmsopherics underwritten with an acid bassed groove, which nAX_Acid embellishes with cloaked synthlines and thicker subs on his edit…


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