Bioni Samp – Live @Raindance VRX London 2017 – Binaural Sound Design Demo (extract)

Bioni Samp performed a hybrid binaural DJ Set @Raindance VRX London.

I talked briefly about sound design & performed live with 360 binaural audio design used in The Resistance of Honey & Aftershock.

Sounds were position in a rectangle room using two pairs of stereo speakers. I played my own released music, bee field recordings with a mixture of vintage vinyl recordings of Aboriginal, Haitian and Native American music. Here is an extract of the two channel live recording. The recording sounds a busy mix because playback in the room, was on 4 speakers (using twin audio spatializers) and has now been mixed down to a stereo mp3 for soundcloud. In the room it sounded more spacious and minimal 🙂

Bioni Samp played the following instruments:

Hive Synthesiser (6 oscillator prototype)Baby Bee Synth, The Bela Bee (with partial / samples taken from field recordings from two beehives) Electronic Beesmoker, Hex Mixer, Ableton Max For Live, Beequencer, Honey Taster Resonance Detector, EchoFirewire, Beehive Field Recordings,

Thanks to everyone at @Raindance VRX for great technical support and fab staff at a cool event exploring the future of VR.

About Bioni Sound Design For 360 Video and more… :

Hive Synthesis: Bioni Samp – Live at reRooted Festival Hull 2017 City Of Culture

Bioni Samp on Humber Street creating a impromptu ‘Hive Synthesiser’ performance @hulltimebased @2017Hull @beespace

Humber Street Gallery, Hull – 9pm – 25th March 2017
Hive Synthesis is an audio journey inspired by Bioni Samp‘s desire to learn about bee frequencies, creating musical pieces that raise awareness of bees and their increasing fragility. Bioni’s performance will be followed by a DJ set.




The Resistance Of Honey

here is a 360 video I have bee n involved in, the sound design was one of my biggest audio challenges ever… showing this week in Bristol at here’s the program info:
…Step inside the world of Bioni Samp, an urban beekeeper who makes honey – and music – from his bees. This 360 profile takes you deep inside the beehive for an intense visual and aural experience. Next at Sheffield Doc/Fest. More news soon.




Screen Shot Bees

Final dubbing mix of my sound design for Resistance Of Honey – 360 VR Video. Screenshot courtesy of Young and Young Post Production, London 2016

Bioni Samp – Live at Divus Nova Perla Prague 2014 photos

Photos by Katerina Anna E.l Thanks to Ivan, Lucie,Vitezslav, Sylva, Michal, Lenka, Katerina and everyone who braved the cold to hear my performance and workshop

Bioni Samp – Live at Banská Štiavnica Slovakia 2014

Bioni Samp – Live at Banská Štiavnica Slovakia 2014

The following instruments played by Bioni Samp were used for the recording:

Electronic Beesmoker
Binaural Beefame EMF Detector
Baby Bee Synth
Hex Controller and Hive Synthesiser Engine
Honey Viscosity Synth
Beequencer V2
Hive Tool Resonance Detector
+ mixer.

The soundtrack also features recordings of two of my beehives, one on the left and one on the right channel both recorded simultaneously on a Marantz PMD661 MK 2 with two lavalier mics.

Special Thanks to Ivan and Marisol, Divus, Zuzana and Sväto and everyone at Banská Štiavnica and Liešnica, for a fantastic time in Slovakia.

Camera by Marisol (thanks that’s great documenting!!!)

Bioni Samp – Bee Frequency Electronics (Full Video Version)

I showed a rough edit of this at the Hack The Barbican Festival in part of my Hive Synthesis Installation, finally finished the edited and re-processed version here…

Bioni Samp — Bee Frequency Electronics (Full Video Version)

Camera / Editing / Sound – Bioni Samp

side a. biodiversity engine 16:44
side b. disabled access 16:44

Original Audio from Limited Edition Audio Cassette Release
Released: 2013-07-19 Label: rohs prod. France more info