Bioni Samp – Digital Beehive Installation Gallery 101 Ottawa Canada 2014

Bioni Samp – Digital Beehive Installation Gallery 101 Ottawa Canada 2014

Soundtrack recorded live from Bioni Samp’s performance at Gallery 101

The following instruments played by Bioni Samp were used for the recording:
Electronic Beesmoker
Binaural Beefame EMF Detector
Baby Bee Synth
Hex Controller and Hive Synthesiser Engine
Honey Viscosity Synth
Hive Tool Resonance Detector
+ Soundcraft mixer.

The soundtrack also features recordings of two of my beehives, one on the left and one on the right channel both recorded simultaneously on a Marantz PMD661 MK 2 with two lavalier mics.

The video is a experimental history of beehives, journeying back and forth in time. Many of beehives were filmed at various beekeeping events in the UK and France I attended. Several feature St, Ambrose, whom many consider to be the the patron saint of beekeepers. The background images are filmed inside my beehives and are processed from negative to positive in a attempt to show night and day or 24 hours inside a beehive.

Special Thanks to Laura, Georgia and Alistair, also everyone who came to see me at Gallery 101 and at the National Museum of Nature, thanks Ottawa for a fantastic time in Canada.