bkeepr1 – ZOO M EARTH series 2020

3 Videos from lockdown streaming clips & home studio audio meditations. Made with ‘Hive Synthesiser’, OBS, binaural ambisonic recordings, PO33, MFB drums, RME, Ableton +

bkeepr1 – ZOO M EARTHx1 – Vitrine Gallery London UK & Basel Switzerland – Lockdown pressure cooker.

bkeepr1 – ZOO M EARTHx2 – STWST48X6 / ARS Electronica Linz Austria – LESS / MORE – A series of conversations with nature.

bkeepr1 – ZOO M EARTHx3 – Piksel Bergen Norway – WELLBEEING Beehouse Audio Meditations.

bkeepr1 – ZOO-M-EARTH
Lockdown pressure cooker.
Covid diary days begin with home excercise.
Followed by home cooking.
Bioni’s slow burner Haggis mix.
Birds in the trees.
The parallel world of bees.
Missing the bees.
Wild earth animals missing.
Face masks in the communal space.
I put honey in the home recipies.
RIP streetcatbob.
Tele-communication. Video phone home. Group chat.
Clear skies. Clear air. Clear roads.
Group bee stream.
How are these days bothering you?
Dancing with my self on video conferencing.

The emptiness of after streaming…