Electronic Beesmoker

Electronic Beesmoker (c) Bioni Samp 2009

Electronic Beesmoker (c) Bioni Samp 2009

Electronic BeeSmoker & Electronic BeeSmoker V.1.1 patch

(Hardware & Software) – 2006 – present.
The Electronic BeeSmoker is electronic musical instrument, based around a real beekeepers smoker. 
It works with my Electronic BeeSmoker V.1.1 MAX/MSP/Ableton M4L software patch/plug-in, which basically measures volume, like a breath controller, converts this info into numbers, which trigger sounds and voices. Bees and beehive habitat patterns, hive logs and cycles are used as starting points for computer code making algorithmic and random generated improvisations. Experimental processing techniques and controllers engage with video, text, and sampled sounds. 

I have performed live with this unique instrument as part of my performances many times over the last few years.