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The Beekeeper Who Makes Synth Music With His Bee Colonies
Bioni Samp translates bee behaviors and sounds into electronic music to help raise awareness of the ecological issues threatening them.

Thanks to Troy Farah @filth_filler for an interesting interview about me and what I am doing, which shows the best side to my bees and art and where they collide.


Bioni Samp on Humber Street creating a impromptu ‘Hive Synthesiser’ performance @hulltimebased @2017Hull @beespace

Bioni Samp – Live at ReRooted Festival Humber Street Gallery Hull 2017

Bioni Samp played the following instruments:

Hive Synthesiser (6 oscillator prototype)Baby Bee Synth, The Bela Bee (with partial / samples taken from field recordings from two beehives) Binaural Beeframe EMF Detector, Electronic Beesmoker, Single Cell Synth, Hex Mixer, Ableton Max For Live, nanoKontrol, Beequencer, Honey Taster Resonance Detector, EchoFirewire, Beehive Field Recordings, Allen and Heath mixer.

Thanks to everyone at the reRooted Festival in Hull for great technical support and fab staff at a brilliant new addition to Hull… the Humber Street Gallery, And nice times in Hull with everyone else. Hull is defiantly on the up.

Event Details:


Thanks to Mark Waddell for videoing me on Humber Street creating a impromptu ‘Hive Synthesiser’ performance.

playing my hive synthesiser, creating bee frequency 3D sounds for a new #oculusrift film more info soon…

making music for playing my hive synthesiser, creating bee frequency 3D sounds for a new #oculusrift film

making music for playing my hive synthesiser, creating bee frequency 3D sounds for a new #oculusrift film… more info soon…

Very excited to be creating 3D audio for #oculusrift content. It’s been 20 years since I first recorded with 3D audio for an early E:MIT CD release, on a early Roland Sound Space System (which was installed at  Square Centre Studios, Nottingham 1994). Today I am using a computer which runs 100s of times faster and higher quality audio. Creating the mix with some raw beehive recordings and my hive synthesiser. Then processing 3D audio with a range of spacialization plug-ins, all with extreem stereo signal treatments.

previews online of my new ep on Aconito Records ACDSeries 01.03 – Bioni Samp – Pyramids Along The Calder

We (Aconito Records Ltd) are back with the third episode of the Digital Series 01.

Bioni Samp is the creator of this 6 tracks EP, a journey between experimentation and atmospheric ambience.

Press Release: By the Oxbow lakes following the old course, making binaural field recordings. Eventually I reached the river Aire by calculating the sizes of several ancient audio pyramids, with trigonometric functions. Nearby Tom Pudding boats are jostling with the night coal, surrounded by phosphorescence noise wash. The sides of the pyramids are along the four cardinal points of synthesisers, measured with the stars and the rising and setting sun.

Supported by:  Marcel Dettmann, Dj Deep, Electric Indigo, Cleric, Exium, I/Y, Alex.Do, Blind Observatory, Takaaki Itoh, J.C., Antonio De Angelis, Angel Molina, Albert Van Abbe, Ness, Deepbass, Richie Hawtin, Anderson Noise and more.

Mastered by Andrea ‘Nax Acid’ Ruffino

Bioni Samp played the following instruments: Hive Synthesiser
(9 Oscillator prototype) BeeVerb BFX, Baby Bee Synth, theBee (formerly the DBox), Binaural Beeframe EMF Detector, Yamaha Fretless Bass, Maplin 3800 Synthesiser 1978, Arturia Beatstep, Marsh Russian Drum Machine 1984, Beequencer, Single Cell Synth, Casio CZ 1000, MFB Drum Machines, Yamaha RX5, Crumer Organizer II Organ, Roland SH101, Roland 303, 8 bit delay slinky, Berhringer Pedels, The Owl FX Unit, Faderfox Micromoduls, Ableton Max For Live 9, Max MSP 6, Granulator by Monolake, RME A2D, Echo2, tape recorders and microphones.
© 2015.

Thanks to Andrea, Aconito Records Limited and everyone else for their amazing feedback and support in London, Liverpool also in Canada, Sweden, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Austria and everywhere.

It’s been a long journey to produce this ep/album, over two years on and off, mostly in between performing overseas and ongoing bad health problems. Firstly recording many field recordings and mixing at home with my home-made synths, then balancing the tracks ready for mastering, in my shared soundproofed studio in north London, a short walk from my beehives.

Bioni Samp – Pyramids Along The Caulder – Downloadable Track Artworks/Photos, for Mp3 players / mobile / cell phones / printable CD artwork etc

Bioni Samp – Live at Human Beeing in Rope Works Square FACT Liverpool 2014

Bioni Samp – Live at Human Beeing in Rope Works Square FACT Liverpool 2014, performing my music to Human Beeing, FACT Liverpool 2014 (extract)

On Sat 4th Oct I performed my music live outdoors, creating the soundtrack to giant video projection mappings by @theconstitute, on buildings in the centre of Liverpool in Rope Walks Square, Human Beeing public screening @FACT_Liverpool With & @beespace @bionisamp @dunbarrover Special thanks to everyone involved for their help in creating a great event.

Mixed live on Ableton Max For Live 9 using Faderfox Midi Controllers LC2, LV2, LD2 to RME + Additional live elements Hive Synthesiser, Baby Bee Synth, BFX, Hive Recordings etc