bkeepr1 aka bioni samp – ZOO – M – EARTH @ STWST48X6

13/09/2020 @STADTWERKSTATT #STWST48X6 Linz Austria during #ArsElectronica20 bkeepr1 aka bioni samp – ZOO – M – EARTH – …Gespräche mit der Natur… 2020 STWST48x6 MORE LESS 48 Hours Distributing Less #moreless #DIYsynth #BeeFrequencyFarming

bkeepr1 aka bioni samp – ZOO – M – EARTH – A series of conversations with nature….

LESS: As an artist I have had to start again. bkeepr1 is a new alias for Bioni Samp in the CV age. Due to my health conditions I’m deemed vunerable to CV infections, so in the UK, I’m ‘on lockdown inside’ for a initial 12 weeks. This is my live performance, ‘diary’ of how I escaped mentally by going into the past by editing my old video and audio memories of ‘the outside’. Videos of being in remote nature spaces.

MORE: While I was editing these memories. I started to hear birds in the trees, my for the first time ever outside my London home. I also noticed that I did’nt have to take my asthma inhauler as soon as I got up. Or smell the sooty pollution coming in the open window every morning. Bees and other insects would fly in unexpectedly, not scared away by traffic noise. Nature it seemed was having a holiday in urban spaces. I discovered that it was happening all over the world due to CV. Nature it seemed was getting a pause on human encrochment. Or so i thought. But now I hear CV is being used to cover up deforestisation and resource extraction (mining) in protected areas all over the world. This is also my live performance, ‘diary’ of how I came back down to earth (after watching two ‘Super Moons’ during Lockdown). I’ve incorporate these changes into my videos and added this too. This live performance was to be streamed live but was pre-recorded due to personal reasons. Enjoy… Shown on the Main Stage at Stadwerkstatt at 11pm – Midnight.

bkeepr1 aka Bioni Samp – artist, musician, inventor, beekeeper. http://www.bionisamp.org

Bioni Samp played the following instruments: Hive Synthesiser (6 oscillator prototype) Baby Bee Synth, The Bela Bee (with partial / samples taken from field recordings from two beehives) Binaural Beeframe EMF Detector, Electronic Beesmoker, Single Cell Synth, Hex Mixer, Ableton Max For Live, Beequencer, Honey Taster Resonance Detector, Beehive Field Recordings. + My whole home studio…

Notes: In this recording the ‘Bioni Samp – Log Hive Synthesiser / Bee Canon 2020’ is modified from a synthesier which was made during an artist resdidency onboard the Eleneora, Linz harbour. Also contains field recordings and underwater recordings made around Linz harbour. During Bioni Samp BEE FREQUENCY FARMING Residency: Stadwerkstatt infoDETOX MS Eleonore, Linz Austria 2015. https://bionisamp.wordpress.com/insta… All music by Bioni Samp (c)