‘Beespace or Hive Synthesis’ Installation and Performances at Piksel Festival Bergen Norway 2018

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Photos by Martin E. Koch Camille Reitzel & Bioni





Finsbury Park Beehouse Openday & Fundraiser Music Event

We are fundraising to buy new bees & equipment. Come along meet some bees & listen to our solar powered ‘Beespace’ sound installation + Bee Art exhibition + Experimental Music Event, please spread the word best bx

beehouse openday fundraiser 20th of May 2018

Sorry to everyone who I could not ask in time or fit on the final line-up. But we hope to do another fundraiser at the end of the year, so if you want to perform at the next fundraiser get in touch… best b. email: bioni.samp@gmail.com

Bioni Samp https://soundcloud.com/beespace
Psychiceyeclix https://soundcloud.com/psychiceyeclix
Martin Klang www.rebeltech.org
Pranic Attack https://www.psyche-tropes.com/
Medialages http://netzzz.net/
Jose Macabra https://soundcloud.com/josemacabra
DJ Igor Hax https://soundcloud.com/igorhax
Medallion Man https://soundcloud.com/loose-lips123
Kenny Mulligan https://soundcloud.com/kennnygan
DJ Sim Eon https://soundcloud.com/archibold-haddock/disco-kosmish

Facebook Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/137695217082931/

Bioni Samp – Electronic Journey To Avebury

Bioni-Samp-Electronic-smallmy film Bioni Samp – ‘Electronic Journey To Avebury’ has kindly been selected for http://photomediationsmachine.net/2013/05/22/bioni-samp-electronic-journey-to-avebury live soundtrack performed onboard MS Stubnitz at #MusicHackship. I will also be screening it a second time, with a special live soundtrack Ft. Dam Bau on treated Sitar on 20th June 2013 at Civictv83 event at the Courtyard Theatre, London. http://www.civictv83.tumblr.com