Solar powered ‘Beespace’ sound installation at Finsbury Park Beehouse Fundraiser & Live at NRS London


Finsbury Park Beehouse Openday & Fundraiser Music Event

We are fundraising to buy new bees & equipment. Come along meet some bees & listen to our solar powered ‘Beespace’ sound installation + Bee Art exhibition + Experimental Music Event, please spread the word best bx

beehouse openday fundraiser 20th of May 2018

Sorry to everyone who I could not ask in time or fit on the final line-up. But we hope to do another fundraiser at the end of the year, so if you want to perform at the next fundraiser get in touch… best b. email:

Bioni Samp
Martin Klang
Pranic Attack
Jose Macabra
DJ Igor Hax
Medallion Man
Kenny Mulligan
DJ Sim Eon

Facebook Event page:

OMG I am one of the ‘Humans of the Year’ in Motherboard magazine


The Beekeeper Who Makes Synth Music With His Bee Colonies
Bioni Samp translates bee behaviors and sounds into electronic music to help raise awareness of the ecological issues threatening them.

Thanks to Troy Farah @filth_filler for an interesting interview about me and what I am doing, which shows the best side to my bees and art and where they collide.