Bioni Samp – Live at Banská Štiavnica Slovakia 2014

Bioni Samp – Live at Banská Štiavnica Slovakia 2014

The following instruments played by Bioni Samp were used for the recording:

Electronic Beesmoker
Binaural Beefame EMF Detector
Baby Bee Synth
Hex Controller and Hive Synthesiser Engine
Honey Viscosity Synth
Beequencer V2
Hive Tool Resonance Detector
+ mixer.

The soundtrack also features recordings of two of my beehives, one on the left and one on the right channel both recorded simultaneously on a Marantz PMD661 MK 2 with two lavalier mics.

Special Thanks to Ivan and Marisol, Divus, Zuzana and Sväto and everyone at Banská Štiavnica and Liešnica, for a fantastic time in Slovakia.

Camera by Marisol (thanks that’s great documenting!!!)